Saturday, February 21, 2004

well that was fun. i'm suffering the consequences now but it was worth it.

the plan: go for a surf, then go to my friend's house for a barbecue, then go watch another friend's band play in a pub in kiama. stay the night at my friend's house then drag myself home.

the surf was mad. 4-5 foot and i got hammered. but it was lots of fun, i only got a few waves. the wind was blowing offshore, and if you missed a wave you couldn't see for the spray. fortunately i didn't get molested by any stupid fish either. then i went to watch some of the guys surfing further up. where they were was just perfect. overhead barrells, offshore wind and breaking perfectly. it was a bit big for me though, cause i am a fraidy cat. and i wouldn't have got a wave anyway, there were about 15 guys out there all fighting for waves, every wave had 2-3 people going for it and none went unridden. i just sat on the grass on the hill and had a beer and enjoyed the spectacle.

got to the barbecue at my friend's house. we had a few beers, barbecue dinner, a few bottles of wine, played loud music in the loungeroom, and generally stuffed around having fun and kind of missed out going to the pub. oops. but it was fun. i was going to crash on the lounge but i was feeling a little under the weather so i went outside in the cool. then i woke up on the grass in their backyard at around 4:30am. it was nice and comfy and the stars were very pretty, but i thought i might sleep inside after that all the same :-)

another surf this morning, the wind is coming from the wrong direction and it's heaps smaller. i didn't think it would drop off so quickly. home to feed the feral cat cause my sister is on the boat this weekend. the little mongrel has graciously repaid me by leaving a deposit on my damn board cover. ewwwwwww ungrateful little bastard!

ok, time for more surf, i think i'll head south, there's this beach that should be just right for a southerly, as long as their is some swell. and hopefully there aren't 50 million people out there otherwise i might as well just sit on the beach cause i won't get any waves!

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