Tuesday, February 24, 2004

an, um, interesting experience.

i was just out visiting the crematorium (errr as you do). so i'm a computer geek, even crematoriums have computers, anyway back to the story. i'm standing there stuffing around with a network lead, trying to unravel the mysteries of stupid computers that keep falling of the lan, when they wheel in a coffin and put it behind me in front of the big oven.

i don't know what to think, the guy says to me, are you ok with that? i say i'm ok. i've never thought about being in this situation before. there's some person in a box behind me that i know nothing at all about. outside people are starting to arrive for the service, this person meant something to them. a friend, relative, spouse etc...

back in the main office (the lan has magically started working by itself) one of the funeral directors is talking with the head cemetary guy about dying young vs dying old. in my office we talk about computers, or girls, or guys for that matter, or parties, or hangovers (after the parties). so i casually drop a comment to that effect, which they think is a bit of a giggle. working in their business i guess death is an everyday subject of conversation.

you know, when i got out of bed this morning, i never thought i'd be working on a computer next to a coffin.

i've just been told that seeing a coffin in a crematorium isn't that wierd, and i suppose it isn't. but i've been out there heaps of times and it's never happened to me yet. maybe that means i wander around all the time with my brain switched off and i should expect stuff like this.

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