Friday, February 13, 2004

thank the gods it's friday!
a coke and a red bull and another coke and i'm flying. our stupid mailserver ran out of space this morning and our internet connection was crawling. i fixed the mailserver and the internet seems to have fixed itself. i wonder which one caused which to stuffup first. but when our net connection slowed to a crawl our mailserver started trying to resend all the messages that couldn't get through the first time, over and over again. reading the log files is making my eyes go funny (nothing to do with the caffeine hehehehe although my hands are shaking a bit and i'm going jittery :-) )
something kooky always happens to me on friday 13th and i'm waiting to see what else goes wrong.
i'm on the boat tonight so i'll probably fall in while trying to unload the tender or something stupid like that. it's only a matter of time until it happens anyway. i've had a few near misses and last weekend i tried to jump into the middle of the boat and was lucky to land on the side. so i pretended i meant it and kept on going.
the forecast is crap but i don't care. the sun is out now and i'm chirpy (probably gibbering from caffeine overload). it can rain all weekend for all i care, it doesn't make any difference to me really, the water is warm and clear and i'm usually wet all weekend anyway.
yesterday was a, errr, less than pleasant day, but after work i went for a surf instead of about 3 things i should have been doing. it was great. shirking my responsibilities can be fun, at least until they catch up again, so i'll be a busy little nutcase this arvo.
hope everyone's weekend is pleasant/exciting/challenging/relaxing/fun (pick any 2 you like) and you are recharged and firing for monday.
oh yeah, and happy valentines day for tomorrow!!

just got a msg from my sister in law. my brother's birthday is tomorrow (and i still have no idea what to get him!)
"having a big drinking night tonight for birthday anytime tonight. cards tequila sambucca ps2 eye toy. adults party no kids"
bugger, and i'm working tonight/this weekend! there's gonna be a few sore heads tomorrow hehehehehe

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