Friday, February 06, 2004

thank god it's friday!
although i'm wagging today. i've got a cold and don't feel like work. my doctor always recommends i gargle salt water when i'm getting a cold. so when i finally drag myself out of bed, i head to the beach. it's a lovely sunny day, the water is warm etc etc... but there's no swell. crap. i mean a kid on an esky lid couldn't get a wave, it's that small. damn. still it's better than being at work feeling sick and sorry for myself.
so i'm standing on the beach, working out what to do with myself, and a school of about 50 dolphins goes past. milling about, and generally mucking about in the water. i hope they eat that school of fish that scared the crap out of me the other day. hopefully that means we'll see some more dolphins on the boat this weekend.
rats, now i have to go and do something productive. maybe i should just have a nap and think about it.

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