Wednesday, February 25, 2004

stop, revive, survive (my gripe for the day)

have you heard of the safety campaign, "stop, revive, survive"? it's a pretty good idea. the theory is that while you are driving, every 2 hours you stop, relax, take a coffee or whatever, and thus, survive by not having a fatigue related accident.

i'd like apply it to a different group of drivers. i appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with driving at 100 km per hour. the roads are there for all. but if you are driving at 20km under the speed limit, or more, and there is a huge line of cars behind you, then every 5 mins, stop, revive, survive. you're going so slow anyway that it's not gonna affect the length of your trip. every 5 minutes or so, pull off the road, and when you can safely pull out again, you can restart your trip (depends on how long you waited to pull off, if you waited 20 mins, it's gonna take a while because their banked back the last damn town)

i'm sure you think you're a safe driver, haven't been in an accident for 40 years (ok, sorry old dudes/dudettes, targetted you there, you aren't the only ones and not all older drivers do it) but have a thought for what's happening behind you. ok, a couple of cars behind you will wait for a safe place to overtake, then they'll go around. then a couple might be content to wait. that's ok, they can be overtaken too. but when you get a line of 20 cars, and there's a heap of stupid fools who just won't leave enough space between cars, add a few impatient people, and it's a recipe for disaster.

but you won't be in accident. been driving for 40 years, never been in an accident. i was driving under the speed limit, i'm a perfectly safe driver. drove 10 kms slower just to be safer. oh that speed camera, its a 60 zone (we're in a town), i'll cruise past at 40kmh. geeeezzzz, sure you're not gonna get booked at 40, but you're also not gonna get booked at 60. if you're bifocals don't work on the damn speedo, do something about it.

oh yeah, and you can't do any kooky overtaking moves on them. gotta be obvious and clean and lotsa space. cause, what if it was my grandma, christ (sorry god botherers, that's a curse, notta plea for anything, i'm gonna start using my grandad's curses :-) ) by jingo, she's hopeless, she'll go from an 80 zone, to a 100 zone, and miss the damn sign, not that i want her doin 100 anyway. sheet. and overtaking her? not in a car she can recognise! how's that for double standards! :-) whatdya think triga? would you overtake her? or do what i do, and just wait. can you imagine telling her to pull over every 5 mins to let the lineup through. i've been in the car with her, with the lineup behind. we're in a 100 zone, and she thinks it's 80. i'm not saying nuthin! and that was 10 years ago! by jing. she's sure got some stamina. (ok, i think i'm fairly safe, she's doesn't surf the net. and triga isn't gonna dob me in)

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