Thursday, February 12, 2004

sometimes i wonder why i start anything at all. just about the only thing i have to do to finish my divemaster course is my map. i've done a first attempt and my instructor has given it back to me. because, well, because it sucks. i am the least creative person i know. now i'm fiddling around with photo editor and microsoft paint, probably the 2 worst tools in the world for image manipulation. which is ok because i'm the worst at it anyway.
i have a list of about 40 things that i have to fix to make it all pretty and neat and lovely to hand in. which i suppose is a blessing in itself, because i haven't a clue how to make things more presentable without help. so now i'm cutting and pasting location maps, and "how to get there" maps, and having a really lousy time. i'm probably going to print them out and attack them with a highlighter anyway, so they'll still look like crap. bleah.
ok, enough whinging and feeling sorry for myself, time to finish it off.
oh great, now our dopey deskjet printer has gone haywire. i don't need this today, i've got a cold and i'm feeling down, sulk sulk, moan moan. i need more caffeine, time for a can of coke.
good thing i work with a good group of people (yeah i'm doing this at work, but at least i'm doing it in my lunch break) or this would be unbearable.
2 hours to go then i go home. if i'm really naughty and finish this during work time i can go for a surf :-)

extreme littering, you've probably heard about the amount of litter on mount everest. which, according to various sources, is over 50 tonnes and includes discarded equipment, spoiled food, human waste and bodies. i wonder how much litter/space junk is left on the moon from the yanks and the russians. ok, so i was bored and browsing the net while i was meant to be doing something else, and found something on slashdot about the soviet rovers and between the two countries there must be dozens of rockets and landers and stuff that landed or crashed into it. anyway it was fun browsing the links and seeing some of the stuff they sent up. some of them look like deranged kitchen appliances.

ok i've wasted enough time. back to it.

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