Tuesday, February 10, 2004

i've just gone through the loungeroom (ok, on my way to the fridge :-) ) and my sister is watching something on telly called "the australian idle concert" (sounds like a collection of dole bludgers). someone is singing a song, it sounds kinda familiar, she says, yeah, it's a popular song, but usually it's sung a lot better.
there are thousands of screaming people on there as well. that's a thought, maybe they are screaming because they can't get out? i think she's watching it with a kind of fascination to see how bad it can really be. personally i can't stand watching anyone embarrass themselves on telly. even in a movie, if i've seen it before i'll walk out until the offending scene is gone. (my rotten brother knows this and will pause it until i get back) perhaps i associate too much with people making fools of themselves. bleah
what i really need is a Man Shandy, i'm trying to compose an "about" section. one of my readers (woohoo, got 2 readers now! and neither is my mum!) errrr, "suggested" i should have an about section. he also said i should have a "revised standfirst" but i dunno what that is. only under the relaxing influence of a little amber fluid do i tend to write anything that i like.
is someone counted as a reader if they just keep looking at your page occasionally to see if you stop babbling bullshit and actually write something interesting?

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