Tuesday, February 03, 2004

is it just me? can anyone else see the connection between george dubbleyah bush's weapons of mass delusion and microsoft's vapourware? and now an inquiry (enquiry? fuck knows, it's like its and it's, effect and affect, i always gettem wrong) which will boost his credibility a little, before election, but produce no results until after the election. and of course the results will be chosen in advance. or even if they do produce some unfavourable results, and blame some other poor prick anyway, it'll be old hat by then anyway and no-one will give a shit.

they should probably have an inquiry (enquiry take your pick) into the worth of having said inquiry, versus the square miles of forest that have to be made into paper for the frikken thing. christ, they probably have to burn down a couple of hectacres just to print the money they'll need to pay for it!

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