Sunday, February 22, 2004

i tell you what i really love. having the kids over. sure, they can be painful little buggers. always arguing with each other. but i wouldn't be without them for the world. there's a movie "bye bye, love "which explains exactly how i feel.

the movie is about three separated dads and their lives. getting the kids exchanged at mcdonalds, dating girls who find out they have kids and how they react. and this one girl, she is the funniest, played by Janeane Garofalo

one of the guys, one of the separated dads, says something like, "and when you get to see your kids, you just love them as much as you can". and that pretty much sums it up. no matter what you do wrong (and you get to stuff up heaps) as long as you love them heaps then it all comes from there. listen to them yabber on, play frisbee with them in the park, hold them when their sad, laugh when they tell stupid jokes.

tomorrow is going to be a fun day

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