Thursday, February 19, 2004


it was such a cool day. i went driving all over the place, fixing computers and stuff. only one computer i was meant to replace the cpu fan, so i couldn't be bothered turning it off. and i dropped the damn screw on the motherboard. murphy's law, it died. doh!! anyway it's a stupid old computer and we have other similar ones waiting to be auctioned of. i grab one and plonk in the hard disk and they are up and running again.
i'm testing out a new acer travelmate laptop. way too small, i hate these small laptops with too small keyboards. anyway, it has a cd burner (external) so i thought i'd better test it with some moby and other groovy tracks that i can test later in my car stereo :-) (christ (that's an expleteive fish worshippers, me and the dude, we've got an understanding, ok?) hope the secret police don't find me out, here in my secret dublin hideout), ok, cool day (like opposite to shite, not opposite to hot), it's 30 ish, a lil humid, but who wants to be inside?
went to the beach after work. hehehe sucks to be me, not! ok, the surf looks like shit, but i don't care. gotta get out there and chill. i paddle out through the sets, and they get bigger and bigger. ok, it's not waimea, but 4 foot is pretty close to my limit ok? got a couple of overhead drops and was having a really groovy time. caught this one wave, ok, it closed out on me. short little right (natural footer), hit the lip, cut back, amazing, i didn't screw up, now it's closing, aim for the lip and go for some air. no worries (complete fluke!) and the wave is dredging, sand everywhere, and this damn fish sexually harrasses me!!! last time they were swimming into me side on, but NOOO! not this time, it's jumped up behind me on the back of my board between my legs, wriggling about, and i'm kicking and screaming and saying some rather unpleasant things before it finally gets off. better get a lawyer you little bastard. only i can't identify it cause i'm too busy carrying on like a whatchemacallit anyway. so i paddle out, with my knees together, feet in the air, and when i'm in clear water behind the breakers, i kinda sit waiting for that "perfect wave" so i can get my breath back and eradicate my harasser from my mind. ok, next wave is my ride to the beach, time to go and watch the soccer semi final for afternoon soccer. christ i love these 6 foot drops. the speed is really cool. (ok you buggers who can really surf, and get them 6 foot waves with 9 foot drops, or you crazy bastards who surf waimea and bells beach, go and get stuffed) :-) i stand up as long as i can, surfing the whitewater, hopeing i won't end up with those naughty fishes again!
my sister-in-law drops me off at the soccer, our guys come from behind to win. they play like shit because they have, for the second time this year, got a full team. when they have only 6 (it's 20 min halves 7 aside soccer on half sized fields) they are more serious and play better. like they will have to next week for the grand final cause one of their guys is being selfish and going to queensland for a holiday hehehe go figure.
i'm in the "other side" which is in "B" grade. ok we won the last 2 years, but i missed both grand finals due to work commitments. coincidence? hehehehe this year we have some new players, lost some old players, and i am still playing, so we don't make the top 4 and the semis. scored a few goals though, this is my highest scoring year ever. i mean, in one game i scored 2 goals. doubling both my yearly average, and yearly high score. in another game, i score 3 goals, and 2 with my left foot, i nearly faint! i've run out of fingers! (ok, it was 6 this year) but back to reality, i never score playing "real soccer". i hit the ball to their goallie a bit though :-)
we watched our girl's side play their final. they won convincingly. their keeper is a real cutie, 5'11" and she can kick the ball further than 2 of our mens keepers! she gets the shits because she never gets to score. so in the last few mins she comes up for the kickoff (they have been scored against! so she's cranky too) and off the kickoff she scores. rotten bitch! hehehehe she gets over her cranky spell and gets back in the goals real quick!

ok, in summary, more days should end at the beach. that's the best i've surfed in 15 years. by crikey, by jingo, by golly by gum, i enjoyed myself. late takeoffs really really wake you up :-) if i was a better surfer some of those waves would have been really cool. there was this lad, down from byron bay. before i went out he asked me if it was ok? i said, well it looked like shit, but i was goin out anyway. he asked where i thought was good. i said north, werri or bombo is always better. turned out both were total crap! (like, they are always, ALWAYS better, but it was as flat as! must have been a real southerly swell, like i'd know hehehehe)(it must be axiomatic, ask me, and get the, definitive, wrong answer!) there were about 30 guys out, and everyone was getting waves. i paddled out and was stuffed, so let a few go, i didn't move, but had a perfect right go past, then a perfect left. (ok not perfect, but for where i was, on a beach instead of a point, on sand.... get my drift?) fortunately this dude saw how shit it was and came back to play. but he's been spoiled. the right at byron is totally cool. (but totally packed!)

life is so cool at the moment. had a few ups and down's you know? everyone does. a few years of total crap. funerals, divorce, pain. then some cool stuff, up and down, last year had a few, the snow was grouse, but christmas sucked. now is totally cool. my weekend work is totally cool. even when i'm blown out with a cold i have awesome weekends just working my ring out and snorkelling. and when i'm healthy, 35 metre visability and still cool customers and great parties. the only downside is that i must get some sleep every day, and go to the the real job on mondays! reality is for people who ... i have no idea! who don't dive or surf or interact with fun people, have a sense of humour or interact with some really cool people.

gotta tell you, last night was a blast. i'm telling myself, get thee to bed early. (get thee to a nunnery) you are tired. at 11:30 ish i chat to this cool canadian girl, next i know it's 12:30am. but the next morning i'm not as tired as i'd expect. so cool. sleep? i'll sleep when i'm dead (bon jovi!). tomorrow night my friend's band (the stunt team) is playing to the north at kiama. never surfed there. i'm i'll crash at some friend's of mine's house, and get some waves atta new beach. i need some new thingos that you say when you are happy. blessed are the big noses!! (i use it as a forward rudder) by jing (as my grandpa used to say, he also named his dog jing, dunno what either means) well tonight is the same. been to the soccer, trolling the net, harassing my brother (cause i can) and listening to pink floyd and moby. life is cool

wouldn't be dead for quids! the only way my life could be cooler at this moment is being able to share it. significant other, grots being able to surf good enough to share (i've decided, i'm moving nearer to them, it's too hard) and, all of the above. life? bring it on!

the song which describes how i feel: pink floyd: piper at the gates of dawn

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