Wednesday, February 18, 2004

hump day. another day closer to the weekend :-) ok, it's a pretty lame attitude i'll admit. (by the way hump days refers to the fact that it's the middle of the week, once you get over the hump in the middle of the week, it's all downhill)
and first day of soccer training as well. i'm gonna be sore and sorry tomorrow!
pay day also, sure it's spent already, but paying a bit more money off the debts makes me feel like i'm getting somewhere. pity i don't know where i'm getting. deeper in debt most likely. but that's my own fault for being so hopeless at managing money. got soccer rego for my daughter this week, a speeding fine (oops) due last week, but i'm waiting for the reminder. and the usual repayments for car and visa card and rent and stuff like that.
still i'm not too stressed. talking to my ex yesterday when i picked up my son for squash, she's just found out she has an ulcer. puts my problems in perspective, plus things are a bit tight, she's raising two kids, and working and got her own list of financial problems. i feel a bit guilty now. when i see her to get the kids on the weekend i'll offer to pick up a few more kid related expenses i think. expensive little grots :-)

well i survived soccer training. with hindsight warming up by going for a surf probably wasn't the brightest idea. we have a trial game next week. against the local rep side. then we will really be sore. still, i managed to train without damaging anything, which is a good start. unfortunately i am the oldest bugger there. so i'm going to be struggling all year to keep up, it's a good excuse being the oldest, but last year was better because i had someone older, also unfit, to look up to :-)
but that's ok, no point getting old if you don't get cunning. after a while, if i mysteriously feel one of my leg muscles tightening up it's perfectly valid for me to finish early, and sneak up the pub hehehehe usually the hamstring. i call it my pub hammie. as i'm getting tired during the fitness training the old "pub hammie" tightens up and i'm outta there.

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