Sunday, February 22, 2004

damn! what a weekend. even mondayitis isn't going to get me off this high.

a night with the kids, sunday sleep in, relaxing sunday stuff, then after they go home, surfing.

it's grot number two's turn to pick a video. the hulk. one of my favourites, i love it. so they enjoy my lousy cooking, and ice cream (probably all they liked) and got to stay up and watch the hulk and the end of mrs doubtfire.(i hate watching people embarrass themselves on telly)

sunday sleep in. how good is that. i am the first up! wow. washing dishes and brekkie and stuff. some homemade milkshakes (cause they are cheap, and i am broke, sorry kids, but who needs a 5 dollar damn milkshake anyway. next time you can have milkshakes with chokky bits and houndreds and thousands and whatever else there is)
around to my brothers for bbq lunch. kids everywhere, going ballistic. very scarey. the weather is crap, grot number 2 has embatygo (however you spell school sores) so there's no beach for us today. and the loser dad is broke so we can't entertain grot number 1 by hanging round the mall. next time we'll be in the water. doh!

anyway, it's overcast, raining and grey. no fun for the beach with kids. however after they go home, i take a brief look at the beach. 4 foot and glassy, light offshore wind. i go home and back out with my surfboard. 1 hour later, and i'm stuffed. i've just had the longest right of my life. by the time i paddle back out, the next set of waves are rolling in. ok, that's partly because it was a long ride, and partly because i'm stuffed! (poor old bugger) i can only get a few more waves. i am so stuffed. i try to stand up for a wave after not resting long enough after paddling out, fotunately, i land on my board anyway, go figure! everyone else has woken up to the surf by now, and there's guys everywhere. no sexism intended, no girls out today.

big, fat, groovy waves. i love it. why can’t all my weekends be like this? I’m gonna work on making it so.

update: just had a thought. despite the best efforts of our politicians to screw the friggen lot. this still is the lucky country. use by date: coming up soon.

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