Tuesday, February 24, 2004

damn, i'm one worn out old dude now (at least that's how i feel). played a game of soccer against the local reserve grade pro side. thank god it was interchange (can go off when you want) but our super-coach wanted us to hang on as long as we could to try and build up our fitness. but thankfully we're playing quarters instead of 45 min halves.

the first quarter they scored 4 or 5 goals, the same in the second, although we started to pick up a bit. zero in the third, and in the 4th, not only did we have some shots on goal, steal the ball heaps and heaps, but our super sub, ned kelly (search on google if you don't get it) scored a scorching frikken super goal! ok, we did play best in the 3rd half, but i love it when we score.

being part of the tired old guard, i changed with the same guy a few times on the right half. gotta get fit, gotta gotta get fit. our mission was to wear out this little punk who was their right half who was young enough to be my son.i could outrun the little shit, but only a couple of times, then i was jogging and gasping (gotta learn how to run and breath. i think i'm taking a breath and holding it!), fortunately i got my second wind by about the 3rd half and started putting it on the little shit. what i lack in skill, i make up for with unpredictability. and being a little bigger than him as well can sometimes help, but not always. i mean, he's moving all of about 50 kilos, i'm moving 84 kilos. ok, i'm not a league player, but my thighs aren't tree trunks either you know? time to hit the gym treadmill for some frikken pain and stupidity.

do you know what i want? what i really really want? i want my damn brother to start training with me. he thinks he's past it (i'm 6 years older) but all he has to do is give it a go, it'll come back. if he doesn't want to, that's cool, but just don't give me them "past it, too hard, not got it" excuses. (and i know he reads this) come on dude. just come to training, shoulda seen some of the old dude's playing tonight, just pace yourself, you can do it. you'll love it.

deep heat is your friend (you should smell it in here!). stretch lots, warm up, warm down, maybe i should start smoking? shit i'm having fun though, wouldn't be dead for quids.

the cult - she sells sanctuary (i love this song, found it, would you believe, on the grand theft auto - liberty city soundtrack) if you like it, check out the she sells sanctuary website. ok, got absolutely no idea if she likes the song or if that has anything to do with the name of her blog. i'm just bouncing to the music and i dig reading her blog.

i find if i'm listening to the song at work, it's best to use headphones, cause then i can pump it up. of course that leads to the problem of not being able to hear the phone ringing. but i don't want to answer it anyway.

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