Sunday, February 22, 2004

ask anyone that knows me, they'll tell you. i'm not much of a cook. the kids don't mind the little bit that i can do. spaghetti. or heat a frozen pizza in the oven. but they don't like my stir fry, i think the yellow rice is a put off for them.

i have a good friend of mine who teaches me to cook occasionally. i drive up to visit her, she gets me to cook, we have a talk about our relative love lives, life, the universe and everything, play scrabble, then i drive home. she taught me to cook stir fry, so i was really impressed with myself. the next time the kids came over i cooked it for them. geeezzz, shoulda heard the whinging. we don't like that, we don't eat that, blah blah blah. i left them with my sister for 1/2 and hour and drove round to mum's and told her she finally had her revenge for me being a shit when i was little. and never eating zucchini (yuck), spinach (yuck), pumpkin (yucky yuck) or choko (bleah!!!!!!)

i think i'm more of a social cook. the only time i enjoy cooking is when i can be distracted while i'm doing it. cooking with a friend or the kids there talking to me. like when i do the ironing, it's got to be in front of the telly with something on or i won't do it. i rarely cook for myself because it is so boring. i should ask if i can have the kids more often so i'll eat healthier! cooking with a friend who knows how to cook is the most fun. because then it is a real comic production. for starters i stuff up lots, so that causes a few laughs, i have to be reminded to do stuff, told how to do things, and i make a huge mess.

social cooking, it's fun. all i need now is a wireless lan so i can post this without getting out of bed hehehehe

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