Thursday, February 05, 2004

bored. came home early with a stupid cold. one of the problems with working in airconditioning is how much worse it makes you feel when you've got a cold. i'll wake in the morning and feel ok enough to work, but if i go to work i'll be a shot duck by lunchtime.
check these cubans: (gotta admire their style)
Cubans defect in floating car
i wonder if this is going to end up like those birdman rallies we used to see on telly. with all sorts of strange flying contraptions attempting to make the distance, but mostly people trying to go for the laugh factor and turn up with the craziest looking contraptions. actually it kind of reminds me of the movie "Born in East LA".
who's going to the annual regatta in Alice Springs this year? book early to avoid the rush! Henley-on-Todd
ok, so i haven't got anything interesting to say, but i feel compelled to write something, so i'm regurgitating other people's news.

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